Monday, October 10, 2005

Homecoming King

OK - this isn't just "Patrick News", you other kids start doing something... Patty was paired with Stephanie Hamrick on Friday for Homecoming and she won homecoming queen... Doesn't that make him the homecoming king? After the ceremony, he dominated the defense with at least 6 solo tackles and many more assists. I couldn't count them all but his name dominated the PA system. The first play on defense he sacked their QB with an huge blow, knocking the guy 5 yards through the air. He made several great blocks on offense too. It was an exciting game that Turpin finally won 16 to 12.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Patty's ACT Scores

He is going to kill me for doing this, but I'm pretty proud of Patrick's ACT results. We just got them today. He scored a composite of 28 (top 7% in the nation). English was 30 (top 5%); Math - 28 (top 8%); Reading - 25 (top 25%) and Science - 28 (top 5%).

He isn't sure where he wants to go to college yet - looking at West Point and Oklahoma State right now.