Tuesday, October 31, 2006

OK, Dixie - I'll add more stuff

You are right - I have gotten extremely lazy on adding to my blog... Well - we have a MySpace now too. My lovely wife will keep that one up - I have my hands full here.
All is well on the home front. Kids are doing good in school. We are going to Lampasas for Thanksgiving to see Granpa. We went to Orlando for summer vacation (Universal Studios). Was a lot of fun. Renee & I bought a timeshare. Now all we have to do is find the time to use it. Renee's boys have been doing alot of racing this summer - we just got back from Enid Sunday (Last Race). They didn't do too good, but we all had fun. Matthew and Patrick are playing football but neither team has seen a win yet (gulp). Patrick is moving off to Northeastern State for the Spring Semester. Matthew has been plagued with injuries so out virtually all of the season (broken hand, twisted ankle & dislocated shoulder. Rachel just started Basketball practice with the games starting really soon...
The new office is going good - we should be moving in early December (I hope). Can't think of much more to add now, so will close - Hasta La Vista... Mark & Renee'

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A New Angel

There is a new angel in heaven. Mom passed away unexpectedly last Friday. She had been in the hospital treating a skin condition and developed an infection. Complications arose in the treatment and she didn't survive. We were in Orlando on vacation when Leah called and told me to come as soon as possible. We are still in shock.

Mom was the one who did most of the website work for me and added photos when I had new ones. I hope I can keep this current without her. She was so talented with these websites! She was really talented in all she did... Mom would shear a sheep or goat and make a sweater - start to finish. I will always be so proud of all her amazing accomplishments. Bye Mom - I'll miss you alot! Love Always - Mark

Friday, June 02, 2006

Wedding in Hawaii

All is well in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Renee' and I were married last week in Kauai. What a great place. We had problems getting there (United Airlines) but once there we had a wonderful time.

This has been a really full summer so far and work is going 100 mph. I'll fill more in when I have time - just wanted to get this link posted for now. Aidios for now...

Friday, May 12, 2006

New Expanded Family

Well, so much has happened since my last note. Renee' and I are getting married in Hawaii on May 24th... We will be living at her house and selling my place to her daughter (Trish) and her new husband to be (Ryan). She has two other kids - Ryan and Charlie (yes two Ryans now - we call Trish's fiance' "Kels"). Actually they aren't kids - Trish is 24, Ryan is 22 and Charlie is Patrick's age.

Charlie and Patrick graduate this year. Patty got a full ride at Panhandle State Univerity and will be playing football for them next year. He was chosen as "All-Star Defensive Lineman" for Oklahoma last year and did really well in track - their 3200 relay team made it to state and finished 7th out of 16 teams. Patrick has been working at Hastings but just gave his notice because of all of the activities this Summer.

John is living with his Grandmother in Midland now. He was working at a steakhouse, but recently got a new job as a grounds-keeper. He will have better hours and make more money. He is going to continue school at Midland Community College this Fall.

Matthew will be playing football again for Turpin as a Junior next year. We will now have ball games every Friday and Saturday! He also was on the track team and ran several events, including the 800 with Patty. He is doing well and decided not to take the job as a grounds-keeper for the country club again since he has such a full schedule this summer.

Rachel goes into High School this Fall. She will be playing Basketball next year and is excited. She did really well this past season and started every game. She got a horse ("Molly") for her birthday in April. Molly was born the day before her birthday.

Trish is getting married July 1st and works for her Mom at American Title. She and Kels are doing wonders with the old house. I'll post "after" pictures when they get done.

Ryan co-owns a body shop that does car restorations - "Dream Ride Customz". He and his partner, Dave, take old cars and re-do them and sell them for jillions of dollars. The shop is out on the farm and they are staying really busy.

Charlie is working for me, learning the land business, and is going to Seward County Community College next fall. He was quarterback last year for Turpin and was catcher for baseball team.

Renee' & I are buying a new building and plan to move our businesses there. She has American Title and Abstract Specialists, Inc. w/ offices here and Ulysses. It will be late Summer or early Fall before we get in the new place if all goes well...

Leah and I went on a cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel this past February. It was a lot of fun and the weather was great. I wish I had planned some scuba diving but at least got some snorkeling in.

I suppose that is it in a nutshell - I know I left several things out, but will add them later - just wanted to get caught up... I'll also post pictures of everyone when we get back from Kauai.