Thursday, November 03, 2005

New Weather Station

I got it hooked up and it works great! Take a look by going to my links page at The instruments are wireless and in the field south of the house so the trees don't interfere. The base unit is in the kitchen and connected to my computer. Updates the website every 20 minutes. I know - I need to get a life.

Football has been a lot of fun this year. Matthew and Patrick lined up together on the kick-off last game. Matt made 2 good tackles pretty deep and Patty made 2 or 3 himself. Games and results are on the Football link along with some newspaper articles. I'll get the other articles scanned and uploaded soon. We play our last regular game on Friday against Beaver - then on to the play-offs.

Rachel & McKenna spent the night on Halloween. They wanted to "sleep in a haunted house and watch scarry movies". My ghost didn't show up (as far as I know), butthey fell asleep during the movie so it must not have been too scarry.

The house is coming along nicely. I am in now and am getting the kitchen re-done. Should be finished in about a week. Got an estimate on my porch windows/screens yesterday. They should be in before the weather gets too bad (I hope).

John is doing good in school and working 2 jobs (Applebys and JC Pennys). He's talking about taking next semester off to save money so call him and talk him out of it if you get a chance. It is sure hard to go back when you lay out like that!

Thats all for now - stay tuned...